Top 5 Songs for 50/90 2022 (#FAWM #Music #Songwriting #Challenge)

This weekend marks the last weekend in July, the first month of 50/90 comes to an end (the challenge goes from July 5 to October 1). This year I’m exploring different sounds, genres, etc. just to see what happens. I also added a “DJ” intro to set the stage for each song.

So I thought I’d post a playlist of my top 5 songs, as far as which ones got the most comments so far. Once 50/90 is over, I’ll post my favorites.

#AmReading Plus “Does Natural Talent Matter in #Music?”

First off, let me say I’m now on book 6 (The Woman in the Bedroom) of the Alexandra Mallory Psychological Suspense Series by Cathryn Grant. I have mixed feelings about the series. For one thing, the heroine is a serial killer, which is a bit of a turnoff for me. But I am drawn to her because I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 23 years and it really takes me back there. As fun as it was in my younger days, I’m so glad to be gone now.

Cathryn really nails much of the Silicon Valley/Bay Area culture, although misses it in subtler ways, maybe because she didn’t live it in the early days like I did. And I’m pretty sure most people there are not serial killers – lol! But now that the character has left the Bay Area, my fascination with the series may have ended… or not. This series is addicting.

Now I’m pursuing music madly in preparation for 50/90, practicing the keys. My first instrument was an electronic keyboard that I got for my 7th birthday. So I guess I’ve been an electronic musician since then. I tried the violin, guitar, and piano but my favorite was the electric keyboard. Decades passed but my love for electronic musicianship has returned, stronger than ever. And with the tools available now, it’s simply incredible.

But with that comes a lot of things to learn, to try and master. It can feel overwhelming as we wonder if we’ll ever get any of it right. I think we often hold back, fearing that we’re not good enough. But it is so important to get your music out there. That’s how you grow. And so I thought I’d post this encouraging video from Studio Live asking the question, “Does Natural Talent Matter in Music?”

DJs on the Rocks (#DJs #Rock #Music)

Had to share the music I discovered on MixCloud. As a music lover of all genres, I have to say rock will always hold a special place in my heart. It may be just the theme I need for this upcoming road trip.

Check out this mix:

Fernando Cabral Sacadura from DJs on the Rocks, Portugal:

FAWM 2022

FAWM 2022 is over and I exceeded the 14 songs by 1 – lol!

I’ve compiled them into an album on BandCamp just to show my accomplishment. I wanted to get this done before my new iMac with the M1 chip arrives. Yes!

All of these were created using Logic Pro except for the last one, which was created on my new iPad Pro (M1) after my old iMac pretty much died. It’s a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to genre, but I think it shows my growth. I’m looking forward to pursuing yet another direction in 50/90.

The Only Words I Can Hear Are Sung

Maybe it’s living in a social media world, a world of reality TV shows, or maybe I’m just getting old (life experience) – lol! But I can’t take any more shouting from the world. And I’m about to go off on a rant about…

All the special interest groups speaking as if the rest of the world is “entitled.” In fact, I was just reading Write, Submit, Forget, Repeat and, sure enough, he started talking about “White Entitlement,” a phrase I, honestly, do not care to hear ever again. And not just because I’m white. It’s because it doesn’t solve the injustice.

I get it. In fact, I not only get it, I’ve lived it. I read Black Like Me when I was in high school and it changed me forever. I was a kid in Orange County, California when the Watts riots took place in nearby L.A. I moved to San Francisco in the late 70s, the hotbed of the gay community, unusual in its time. I don’t need to be “enlightened.” I don’t have “phobias.”

As a white woman, I dated Hispanics and saw how the cops treated them differently. I’ve been in a car with a white man and have been hassled and threatened by cops. I’ve been a woman alone and a woman in a group of women and have been mistreated by cops. Heck, I’ve been a woman on a bus, a woman in a doctor’s office, and a young girl in my home when I didn’t feel safe from a man in authority.

But saying other people are “entitled” is the wrong approach. In fact, that’s looking at the wrong end of the problem. Bullying people who seem entitled about being “entitled” isn’t going to change anything. That implies they have something they shouldn’t. Taking that away from them isn’t going to fix it when feeling less entitled.

Call a problem by its real name. Not pander, prop up, or politicize it.

And, for goodness’ sake, leave it out of a book on how to be a better artist, musician, writer, etc. Art is blind. Make the music, paint the painting, tell the story. Message received.

My ears only listen to the music.


“I’ll Be Home For Christmas” #EDM #Remix (#LogicPro #Music #Production)

Well, remixes are just too much fun and I found myself doing a little something to Elvis’ “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.”