Inspired by the Cruising Life and other Travels

Since my “San Francisco Mad Woman” days producing copy for advertisers and printing companies, my favorite client Royal Viking Cruises, the influence of the Love Boat, and my first cruise on the Mardi Gras, I’ve been mesmerized by the cruising life and other travels.

This is often a theme in my novels and songs. In fact, I wrote Palm Fever (the song) as we were sailing into Banderas bay in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on a recent cruise. I’m now working on the novel.

In the chick lit hey dey (when pink was hot), I acquired a literary agent and first publishing contract for Real Women Wear Red (3 women on a Caribbean cruise) and its sequel Real Women Sing the Blues.

When I’m not writing novels or songs in my studio, I’m slathering on Hawaiian Tropic writing on my laptop on my Florida lanai. Or cruise ship. Or Disney resort lobby. Or Las Vegas casino. Or California beach where it all started for me.

I don’t remember what came first: my love for travel or reading about exotic locations. But location is often a character in my fiction. Maybe because after reading books such as Gone With the Wind and Oriental Hotel, I just had to travel to where these places and beyond such as New Orleans, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok.

Please browse my list of books either in the sidebar (click on the cover for details) or from the list of titles from the top menu under Books. I have identified (in parens next to the title) where these books take place.

I hope you enjoy reading them. If so, please write a review on Amazon. I would also love to hear from you by leaving me a note here.


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