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Books and Music Inspired by the Cruising Life and other Travels

Since my “San Francisco Mad Woman” days producing copy for advertisers and printing companies, my favorite client Royal Viking Cruises, the influence of the Love Boat, and my first cruise on the Mardi Gras, I’ve been mesmerized by the cruising life and other travels. This is often a theme in my novels and songs.

In the chick lit hey dey, I acquired a literary agent and first publishing contract for Real Women Wear Red (3 women on a Caribbean cruise) and its sequel Real Women Go Hawaiian.


rwwr_cover_flops_180“I may dye my hair blonde, I may drink pink drinks, but I am not doing pink toe polish. Red, that’s my color. After all, real women wear red.” – Cyn

When 40-something Kate “Cyn” Francis changes her name, her hair color, and her age in order to snag a younger man on a Caribbean cruise, the last thing she expects is to fall overboard for a Cary Grant look-alike. But this is not your ordinary cruise.

AVAILABLE NOW on Kindle and in Paperback.


“In that moment, I knew I could no longer be a Wall Street monkey, and somewhere out there Blue Hawaii was calling my name.” – Robin from Real Women Go Hawaiian

When the women of Real Women Wear Red return from their Caribbean cruise, each woman must deal with the consequences of secrets shared onboard ship.

Millie’s secret sends Robin reeling all the way to Blue Hawaii, and she finds herself chasing Moondoggie and singing the Blues. This sets off the “Millie Domino Effect.”

Millie chases after Robin and Monterey Jack chases after Millie.

Cyn joins Robin and Millie on the cruise when her “Cary Grant” gets too serious too fast. And Sandy runs to Cyn for motherly comfort when her shipboard romance blows up.

Four women, four islands, and a seven-night cruise to Paradise. Is there life after they go Hawaiian or will they end up singing the Blues?


I also wrote Cougars in Cabo (part of a short story anthology), and even a song while cruising. To learn more about my writing, see book descriptions and menus under Books.


Cougars in Cabo

Spurned by the man who was supposed to be her second chance, buttoned-down Barbara reluctantly joins her “ultra San Francisco chic” friend Cherie on a cruise to Mexico. Never quite living up to Cherie’s standards, Barbara relishes being chased by a young, hot, surfer dude. Reluctant or not, Barbara learns to live in the moment as one of the Cougars in Cabo.

(originally published in the A SHAKER OF MARGARITAS: COUGARS ON THE PROWL anthology, available in Print and for Kindle by Mozark Press.)

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BONUS: Cougars in Cabo includes 4 additional short stories. To find out more about each one, see the descriptions for the following titles:

Viva Las Vegas

Dumped by her husband for his gay hairdresser, Donna cashes in her cruise tickets for two for a solo flight to Sin City to celebrate her 50th birthday. Hoping to discover her true self, she discovers Habanero Margaritas, Elvis, Cilla, Ann-Margret, and the real meaning of Viva Las Vegas.

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(originally published in the A SHAKER OF MARGARITAS: HOT FLASH MOMMAS anthology, available on Print and for Kindle by Mozark Press.)

Dear Kitten…

50-something Kitty Arness hasn’t been called “Kitten” since her college days. So when a chance encounter reunites her with an old love on Laguna Beach, she realizes she longs to be “Kitten” one more time.

Still hurting from the breakup all these years later, she must make a hard choice: to hold onto her pride or forgive and forget, especially when she reads the writing in the sand.

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L.A. Nights

“Some day you’ll grow up to shame us,” Kim’s mother had told her when after she’d stayed out all night, hanging out with her friends in L.A., not coming home until the sun had risen over the San Bernardino Mountains. It had been an honest mistake of her youth. She hadn’t done anything illegal, wild, or immoral, not that night, anyway. Later, she left for San Francisco and vowed to never return to Los Angeles.

But San Francisco had been more than cold—it was heart-less. She’d discovered how impossible it was to warm yourself when you wrap yourself in cold. Searching for the familiar and her long ago past, she follows a lead to a Burlesque club in Los Angeles, remembering those hot, L.A. nights where her past would finally catch up with her.

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As the Bullets Drop

Debra Hunt’s mother warned her about men like her father. And now Debra is meeting her father for the first time at a remote mountainside cabin. Where her cell phone doesn’t work. And a dead body shows up on her father’s doorstep. And it looks an awful lot like her mother’s dead body.

A police investigation is soon underway and it seems that everybody’s a suspect.

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The story behind Palm Fever (© May 2015), written while cruising to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico:

I woke up at 6:30 a.m. and felt excitement in the air so I stepped out on the balcony, and was hit with the first wave of tropical humidity. Ahhh… We were getting closer to Puerto Vallarta, and I just had to sit out on that balcony. I think Rich was surprised when I woke him up around 6:40 a.m.

I was overcome with emotion and began to tear up. This surprised me. Where was this coming from? Was it connecting with my younger self because the last time I’d been in PV was 34 years ago? Or was it connecting with tropical environs, reminding us of our life in Florida? Perhaps both.

But whatever was driving the emotion, lyrics to a song just came to me and I wrote them down. (Later, I wrote a melody for it). But writing today’s report, I’m just so excited and never anticipated this level of excitement over PV. Yes, I wanted Rich to experience it but I hadn’t realized how much PV meant to me.