Rushing Around (#poem)

“Why the rush?” the sexy hero asked the feisty heroine I recognized the harried woman in the novel as me How did I get there, how did I become that someone? I flipped back the pages, turning the spotlight on my mother to see Sending us off to school, scurrying around the house Washing clothes, … Continue reading Rushing Around (#poem)


Be Careful What You Search For (#poem)

When you search online For old husbands, lovers, or wives They come back into your life Some dead and some alive Be careful what you search for When you search online For missing fathers, sisters, or brothers They run from your life To them, you were better off dead, not alive Be careful what you … Continue reading Be Careful What You Search For (#poem)

I Missed the Train (#poem)

I missed the train last night It was a dark empty lonely kind of quiet No whistle screaming, no metal screeching No clickety clack of the tracks, coming back I missed the plane last night People soaring overhead, and the friends I never met Adventures they were seeking, while I lie here sleeping Above the clouds, beyond … Continue reading I Missed the Train (#poem)

Don’t Fall in Love (#poem)

The wisest thing I ever heard Wasn’t “Give me some slack” Or “I’ve got your back” Or even the simple “Word” No, the wisest thing I ever heard was “Don’t fall in love” Friend, husband, dad, and granddad When he arrived the crowd roared with cheers Respected and loved by reports and peers He didn’t … Continue reading Don’t Fall in Love (#poem)

Before Daylight (#poem)

Streaks of color sweep the sky Light and hope sprout wings to fly Silhouettes hide in the corners Distort themselves like long ago foreigners We’re global now but old dogs don’t easily die I’ve never been the kind to be surrounded by people I’ve often thought that’s rather feeble Texting, chatting, and social media All … Continue reading Before Daylight (#poem)