Tropes and Other Annoyances (#poem)

Where do you fit in as the years go by Creating the person you are meant to be In a world that oppresses you like a swatted fly Pretending to encourage you with eyes that cannot see They make up categories, genres, brands, and props Changing them chasing the thrill of what's dope It's not … Continue reading Tropes and Other Annoyances (#poem)

Blogging the Grief (#poem)

Tropical air breathing Lifts me when I'm grieving The death certificate arriving Reminds me I'm alive and thriving Those around me ignoring Dismissing me like that floors me I was here before them Who I am is without shame Their secrets they hide Until the day they died They dumped on me Instead of taking … Continue reading Blogging the Grief (#poem)

Respect Yourself (#poem #lyrics #hiphop)

It’s a time for transformation No time for hesitation Just give it some consideration Respect yourself Remember when we cleaned up good On a Sunday in the neighborhood Wearing white suits, hats, and boots Respect yourself Walk away from, don’t even speak of the ugly No place in church, on the streets, or gully Watch … Continue reading Respect Yourself (#poem #lyrics #hiphop)

Beyond the Sea: Playlist Tribute to My Father

It's been a rough month and a month of celebration at the same time. Besides losing Skipper, our 18-year-old cat who was more son than pet, my father passed away this week, exactly two weeks after Skipper. Some of you know the story. After I met him as an adult, I wrote about it in … Continue reading Beyond the Sea: Playlist Tribute to My Father