Reflections (#poem)

Times of transition
Are cause for reflection
As we walk this journey of life
Passing through stages
At different ages
Remembering the joy and delights

That moment I met you
Surprised me with a love so true
Nothing better than talking for days
The Mustang brochure
Impressed me for sure
Speeding down California highways

Disney World and all of the scheming
This Old House started us dreaming
Of a home of our own and kitties to share
Our longings came true
Warm fires without a flue
Ignited sparks that took us everywhere

We lived near the mouse
In a Minnie Mouse house
On a pond and woods in the back
But soon we were homesick
Strangers in the tropics
Three kitties in the car heading west on the fast track

The Florida dream over
No looking over shoulders
Bright lights and the desert called us to Vegas
Two years became the ten year plan
Trips to the beach and Disneyland
A whisper from the past became a prayer to trust

In a time of transition
I begin my reflection
No more building houses from the ground
Going home has more meaning
A house is just a building
And home is where true love is found

Girls In Black Cars (#poem)

Girls in black cars
Long and lean
Driving down the highway
Built for speed
After so much waiting I can finally say
“It’s happening!”

Poems writing themselves
When you could not sleep
Did it bring you comfort
Did it offer relief
Did you know we were so alike
Striving to achieve

Young pretty grandma
Smiling hazel eyes
Five boys to raise
And then one surprise
Baby girl rocking gently in your arms
Hidden away a lifetime of disguise

Growing up quickly
Racing down the highway near and far
Playing music loudly
Learning how to pray in a bar
Challenging boys to the quarter mile
Picture tells the story of women in black cars

They Say They Want a Better World (#poem)

They say they want a better world
Yet having kids with different mothers and fathers
Wounding the children without real love and discipline
Taking meaningless selfies to post on Instagram
Asking “how are you?” they could not be bothered

They say they want a better world
Using the *F* word as if it is cool
Running from God out of sheer rebellion
Thinking they know better than those who came before them
Reinventing the world with their own silly rules

They say they want a better world
While enabling others to harm themselves
Legalizing hurts in the name of freedom
Values on “Father Knows Best” are now shunned
When the worst one could say was “damn” or “hells bells”

They say they want a better world
Filling their life with false gods and their stooges
Paying the price of greedy addictions
Turning away from moral convictions
Yet there’s hope I do believe
Old-fashioned values can still be seen
In “Incredibles 2” if one so chooses

How Far We Have Come (#poem)

Sometimes we forget how far we have come
In the darkness of what is lost
In the morning light the truth shines bright
On simpler times and battles won

Sitting on the couch holding hands in our mind
In the freshness of new love
Nothing better than this, Ginger purrs with a kiss
Leaving the past far behind

Blessings abound so starts our new life
Our enthusiasm strikes a match
Skipper, Lovey, Buddy make three, hearts full and free
Their leaving cuts like a knife

Memories of houses and adventures galore
Photos make it real
A year ago last April, in-between time is painful
We’ve been here before

We may not see where the road leads
But promises have always come true
Something better ahead and so we are led
How far we have come, down on our knees



L.A. Nights Book Trailer is Live

Story and Music by Kathy Holmes

I love making book trailers, using visuals and making my own music to give a peek into a story I also wrote. L.A. Nights is available as a standalone short story or as part of the Cougars in Cabo anthology. For more information, see SHORT STORIES under the BOOKS menu.

Road of Broken Dreams (#poem)

On the road of broken dreams I see clearly now
The longings hidden below the surface show themselves somehow
Blond hair, blue eyes and Bomber jacket
Were signs of a lost love I could not fathom

Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio honeymooning in Japan
A baby born to a teenaged mom would come to understand
How similar the path would be when torn from a father
Searching for love from men and places and happily ever after

A restless heart and wounds from the start
A life of unrest, then happiness in the Father’s arms
To fill that hole with a love so true and real
On the road of broken dreams, so thankful for everything that brought you here you kneel

The Day Breaks (#poem)

The day breaks as streaks of blue and pink paint the morning sky
Like an expectant mother’s baby shower with gifts wrapped with confetti-like ribbons
Sunday was magical worshipping with the Faithful as the old man’s smile lit up his eyes
Rumblings of home ground me, surprising me with longings once hidden

Future questions remain unanswered but the bread crumbs line the path
Today we honor those who came before us giving their lives fighting in wars
By connecting with one another face-to-face just like we did in the past
The wise study history and the lessons learned are not ignored

Not worshipping Star Wars, outlying gods and other creatures
Knowing science is a gift to use for our benefit
Losing all sense of the Holy bowing to the gifts and not the Giver as if they were the main feature
Like getting high on ego, pride, and other lies, our dignity takes the hit

This simple poem started out by the breaking of dawn
Morning thoughts rushing forth clearing the mind for the day ahead
Is the introvert’s way of giving of self as she rambles on
Hoping to make a bit of difference lying in her bed

Once Upon a Time I Had a Dad (#poem)

Gazing at the USS Midway
Knowing that once upon a time I had a dad
Photos of Navy whites he was clad
Shipped to foreign ports so very far away

Tears of loss hit me now
Of all I miss as I get older
Anger in me grows and smolders
Forgiveness is something I must learn to master somehow

She promised to wait with a bun in the oven
She met a man, some thought he was Elvis
He strummed the guitar – he was her fairy tale bliss
She wrote a letter to keep sailor boy out and her new love in

Dear John, the letter began with a lie
Our marriage wasn’t legal, you’ll have to believe me
What choice did he have, 6,000 miles across the sea
When another man stole his unborn baby and his young wife?

The secret life she lived so sad
Affected so many after running away
Choices are accounted for in spite of the delay
Gone ten months now but it’s no lie
Once upon a time I had a dad

Tequila, Take Me Home

I wrote this song when we were living in Florida. We were having lunch at La Fiesta, the most Southern California Mexican restaurant in the New Smyrna Beach/Daytona area and I was soaking up the atmosphere, the Mexican music, and the “Mexican Margarita,” as they called it. It was my favorite, if not a bit strong.

A Native Californian, I was so homesick for the West Coast so I took a drink and said, “Tequila, Take Me Home.” That became a song.

So when Taxi A&R had a listing for “drinking songs,” I submitted it. Well, it was not forwarded. But after last night’s episode where they played many of the submissions and we got to vote +1 or -1 as to whether we thought it should be forwarded, I realized my mistake. It was not a “drinking song” in the real meaning of that. It was more of a homesick song – lol!

I have a couple of other drinking songs that would have been more appropriate but they need some work. But it might be good to do the work now because you never know when they might just have another call for that kind of song.

One Real Dad (#poem)

On this earth I have many dads
These dads are blessings, or can be
Disney dad, Princess dad, Byzantine dad to name three
Once I was blind but now I can see
Life taught me something I did not have
There will only ever be one real dad

Mary and Joseph lost their dear son
They searched everywhere with hearts filled with fear
After three days he suddenly appeared
“Why did you make your father and I worry” her eyes spilled her tears
“Did you not know I would be in my father’s house?” he said when so young
Even Jesus had only one real dad when all is said and done

Children misled in so many ways
Proclaiming “any man will do” is what molds them
Identities are being stolen
Hearts are being broken
“It’s better for the kids” they say
When lies suit them better by night and by day