Mothers & Daughters (#poem)

Mothers and daughters can love and can hate
The relationship can change from age to age
Some things remain the same and this is what the world knows
But only those in the know can know and this really blows

To be so close yet never know them at all
The facade they show their mother and at the Kingdom Hall
Years later a clue leads you to truth you resist
Nothing makes sense until you see through the Narcissist

These daughters of these mothers are their own special breed
For most of their life they’ve been down on one knee
Until this moment when they seize the day
Leaving behind chaos and walking away


Once Upon a Time (#poem)

Once upon a time wisdom wore pearls
Women wore red, pink was for little girls
The world has forgotten what used to be
I heard it in a song, don’t listen to me

I saw it on TV, the wedding in pink
I knew what I would write about, I didn’t have to think
I remembered the apple dress trimmed in blue
And wearing those shiny, candy apple red shoes

So I wrote my novel on a Florida Lanai
I binged on Hawaiian Tropic and a Jimmy Buffet high
I cruised the Caribbean with women of 3 generations
And each of them came to the same conclusion

I finished the book, sent it off to an agent
She offered representation, said my writing was poetic
She kept the title knowing without being said
Women wear many colors, but real women wear red

Double Life of a Middle-aged Woman (#poem)

I walk to the neighborhood shop
And back three floors to the top
On stairs with tossed cigarette butts
Past decorated doors recently shut
Booming bass vibrates the floor
Like post hurricane waves smacking the shore

I drive past new houses built on golf courses
Views of country roads peaceful with horses
Fishes, turtles, sand, and sea
The new scent of home they all tell me
Poetry, wine walks, and music do thrive
Here I’m a neighbor, am seen, and alive

Back to young families, couples, and singles alike
Kids’ toys, their dogs, and even their bikes
Pools, lounges, outdoor grills, and hotties
A twenty-something living in an aging body
Parties, late nights, loud music, and strife
Hides a middle-aged woman living a double life

Unspoken (#poem)

Reading “Our Grandmothers,” a poem by Maya Angelou mentioned in Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown, I thought about my poet grandmother and wrote this poem:


Some things should not be spoken
People tell me
By the way they ignore me
As if they do not hear me
And this grieves me

So I shall speak of it
Even when people try to turn it
Twist it
So that I will not talk about it

Implying I need therapy
That something is wrong with me
For not leaving it behind
Like a wheel that is broken
These things unspoken

They say this to silence me
To quiet me
To control me
But I have been silenced all my life

So I will continue to speak of it
When it’s appropriate
When it’s inappropriate
Say those who want to hide it
Bury it

Like burying the dead
These unwelcome thoughts in our head

“Real Women Go Hawaiian” Now Available on Kindle

“In that moment, I knew I could no longer be a Wall Street monkey, and somewhere out there Hawaii was calling my name.” – Robin from Real Women Go Hawaiian

When the women of Real Women Wear Red return from their Caribbean cruise, each woman must deal with the consequences of secrets shared onboard ship.

Millie’s secret sends Robin reeling all the way to Blue Hawaii, and she finds herself chasing Moondoggie and singing the Blues. This sets off the “Millie Domino Effect.”

Millie chases after Robin and Monterey Jack chases after Millie.

Cyn joins Robin and Millie on the cruise when her “Cary Grant” gets too serious too fast. And Sandy runs to Cyn for motherly comfort when her shipboard romance blows up.

Four women, four islands, and a seven-night cruise to Paradise. Is there life after they go Hawaiian or will they end up singing the Blues?


Special Release: “Real Women Wear Red” together with “Real Women Go Hawaiian”

Listening to “Red, Red, Wine,” the song I used for the “Real Women Wear Red” book trailer, I feel all the joy I remember during that time:  writing the book, getting agented, being offered a publishing contract, hearing from readers how much they loved it. But when Google bought YouTube, they messed up my book trailers and I’m just now getting around to re-creating them.

So in honor of the 10-year anniversary of the release of Real Women Wear Red in paperback (Kindle wasn’t available back then), I’m rereleasing Real Women Wear Red with the sequel Real Women Go Hawaiian included ($3.99 on Kindle or the standalone copy of Real Women Go Hawaiian for $2.99 also on Kindle).

In the meantime, I’m hoping to put together another video/book trailer – it was so much fun, I think we can’t help but be transported to our own Caribbean cruise and can now load up our Kindles with the experience.

Can’t Stop the Music

While we’re living in temporary housing during the house building process, I made a deal with myself that I’d put music on hold and focus on writing my novel-in-progress. That music is too challenging for me right now and writing a novel is therapeutic.

The problem with that is I love music too much, and I find myself sneaking in a few sessions in the studio, playing with some lyrics, piano chords, or some loops on my DAW (digital audio workstation).

One of my music groups asked if we were holding ourselves back because of fear. They were talking about live performances. Of course, I said yes. I’m sticking to working on music in my studio. Not going to do anything live. Not at my age. Not good enough for that.

I don’t know if life is going to challenge me and put me in a position where I have to face that fear, but that plays nicely into the novel I’m working on.

So here, once again, one art feeds the other. As they say in theological circles, it’s not either/or. It’s both/and.


Déjà vu at the Blue Diamond Saloon 2.0 is Live Now

As promised, Déjà vu at the Blue Diamond Saloon version 2.0 is now live.

Déjà vu at the Blue Diamond Saloon

Nikki Durrance escaped the worst nightmare of her life when she fled Las Vegas for San Francisco, leaving her husband behind at the Blue Diamond Saloon to build a new life. So when the perfect Dr. Mike Fischer proposes, she accepts. But when her new Mr. Right begins to transform into a guy just like her ex-husband, she begins to question everything, including her sanity.

Nikki longs to trust Mike, but with an overwhelming feeling of déjà vu, Nikki’s fear propels her into discoveries of betrayals and underworld connections that will send her running for her life again.

BUY NOW on Kindle.

READ Excerpt.

New Original Song, Bad Boy Crushes, Now Available on iTunes and cdbaby

crush_cover1400I released my first song, Everybody Lies, last year on iTunes and cdbaby, and have started off this year with a new song, Bad Boy Crushes, available for download on both iTunes and cdbaby.

Bad Boy Crushes grew organically from one of the songs I wrote in my Pat Pattison songwriting class, Candy Apple Red, as a tribute to friends I’ve known throughout the years.


Free Christmas Gift for the Fans of “Real Women Wear Red”

I’m already having second thoughts about writing a blog post every week day in December – lol! Maybe because we’ve just returned from a trip to Florida and I’m still writing up the trip report. And I’ve enrolled in a couple of music classes. And I’m working on my wip. So that all counts, right?

img_7705But I do want to announce a special Christmas gift for my faithful fans of “Real Women Wear Red” – a free copy of Book 2 of the “Real Women” series –  “Real Women Sing the Blues.” But even if you haven’t read “Real Women Wear Red,” you can still purchase a copy of that here and get a free copy of Book 2, Real Women Sing the Blues good for Monday through Friday, December 5-9, 2016.


Real Women Wear Red (Book 1)

rwwr_cover_flops_180“I may dye my hair blonde, I may drink pink drinks, but I am not doing pink toe polish. Red, that’s my color. After all, real women wear red.” – Cyn

When 40-something Kate “Cyn” Francis changes her name, her hair color, and her age in order to snag a younger man on a Caribbean cruise, the last thing she expects is to fall overboard for a Cary Grant look-alike. But this is not your ordinary cruise.

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Real Women Sing the Blues (Book 2)

rwstb3sm“In that moment, I knew I could no longer be a Wall Street monkey, and somewhere out there the blues were calling my name.” – Robin

When Cyn, Sandy, and Millie return from their Caribbean cruise, Millie’s secret sends Robin reeling all the way to Hawaii, and she finds herself chasing Moondoggie and singing the Blues.

FREE Dec. 5-9, 2016 on Kindle.