Back Off Boogaloo (#Covid19 #Music)

Another song that’s been playing in my head is Back Off Boogaloo by Ringo Starr. At first, I couldn’t remember where I’d heard that phrase. Thinking it might be a song, I then searched on YouTube, and sure enough, found it.

I think this song came to mind because so many of our rights and freedom were taken away by false data. And, in my opinion, governors overstepped their power, at least without going through Legislation, especially for a lengthy amount of time. Several states are suing.

Doncha sometimes just wanna say, “Back off Boogaloo?” Now that gives real meaning to “social distancing.”

Nowhere to Run (Official Song of “The Bob”) #Covid19 #FlashbackFriday

We all react to this “thing” differently but sometimes the same. We’re not “in this together,” but we are all “in this.” Who can escape it? No wonder the song that’s also been playing in my head is “Nowhere to Run (Nowhere to Hide).” I know I sometimes prefer to run away. I certainly like to have the option even if I don’t act on it.

So I had to track down the Martha Reeves and the Vandellas “Nowhere to Run” song on YouTube. Interesting one of the commenters said “this should be the official song of the Coronavirus.” Another commenter said that when “there’s nowhere to run, you turn around and fight.” We see this happening now as things are starting to open up. Dine-in restaurants are opening (with protective measures in place) here in Nevada, but today the governor also granted permission for restaurants inside casinos to open (with protective measures in place).

But have you come to totally dislike the idea of the governor’s power? Before, he (or she), seemed more like a figurehead, or certainly harmless (unless you’re totally political, which I am not). I’m watching with interest those who are suing their governors (like the Wisconsin case). There’s having the power to call a state of emergency, and then there’s infringing on people’s rights, because it’s a perceived threat. Oh well, I’m not really political so I should stay out of it, but I just have this feeling that this has not been handled well.

Like church. I’m a bit angry that I can’t participate in church right now. It’s true, I can “watch” liturgy and mass and various services online, but after a while, I feel like I’m an observer, not a participator. I, at least, want to be a passive participator, not just an observer. Some Orthodox churches (Greek and the OCA) are allowing a few members (10) to participate, as long as you sign up with the priest. But Catholic churches are still shut down until the end of the month at least.

I have to give kudos to a bishop of the Orthodox Church of America (OCA) who said “the governor didn’t shut us down, and it’s not his place to open us again. That’s on me.” I kinda wish the Catholics would say the same, although those churches are so huge, not sure how they will open up. At least, the Roman Catholics, but not the Byzantine Catholics, which are usually quite small.

I’ve discovered I’m feeling more peaceful about having my own prayers with incense around my home church and choosing my own studies than I am watching somebody else perform/participate in the liturgy/mass. At least I’m participating. Watching isn’t good enough. Watching doesn’t count.

And now, here it is, the official song of “The Bob.” Oh yeah, that’s lifting me up!

While we’re at it, why not this song, too?

Wake Me Up When It’s Over

After way too much “exposure” to “The Bob” as my writer friend Pat Bertram calls this current situation, I’ve decided to take a break from social media (for me, that means Twitter and LinkedIn) for the rest of the month. Or longer. Okay, then, just wake me up when it’s over – lol!

I’ll be writing, producing music, and blogging. I’ll be far happier and productive. I just can’t stand the many layers of stupidity and politics everywhere I turn.

“Miss You” by the Rolling Stones has been playing in the jukebox in my head for several days now. Maybe because I do “miss you,” meaning I miss the world doing so many interesting things, I can’t even begin to know about them all. Because it’s obvious too many are doing nothing. Hiding under their bed. Counting meaningless numbers. All to prove something I don’t need proven in order to live my best life. It’s serving somebody else. Not me.

Listening to and creating music, reading and writing stories, and visiting places – that’s what home is to me, that’s what family is to me. And I miss them all.

Or maybe this song is apropros today.