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Closing Time (#poem)

Guard gate rattles
Rap music vibrates
Engines humming
Shaking me awake
It must be closing time

Dancing til dawn
Straight to the office
No time for sleep
What madness is this?
Staying up past closing time

Working in the City
When I was young
Early bird breakfast next door
Night shift drinking beer and rum
There is no closing time

The Midnight Train (#poem)

Like a tap on the shoulder
From a friend or lover
The midnight train awakens me

Clickety clack clickety clack
Closer and closer down the tracks
Warmer and warmer pulling me closer

A moment later turning its back
A lover’s whisper, a touch gone slack
Fainter and fainter, colder and colder

Down the tracks and away it goes
New adventures awaiting those
Leaving nothing but silence and emptiness

Nights in Waiting (#poem)

Nights are hell
Tic toc tic toc
Cats are screaming
Tic toc tic toc
It’s twelve o’clock

Sleep escapes me
Tic toc tic toc
My mind is reeling
Tic toc tic toc
It’s one o’clock

The calendar beckons
Tic toc tic toc
Pages crawling forward
Tic toc tic toc
It’s two o’clock

Smart phone whispers
Tic toc tic toc
Thumbing through photos
Tic toc tic toc
It’s three o’clock

Sleep overcomes me
Tic toc tic toc
Dreaming of losses
Tic toc tic toc
It’s four o’clock

The world awakens
Tic toc tic toc
Motors are revving
Tic toc tic toc
It’s five o’clock

Other creature’s schedules
Tic toc tic toc
Cats demanding breakfast
Tic toc tic toc
It’s six o’clock

Showers and coffee
Tic toc tic toc
Me gently sleeping
Tic toc tic toc
It’s seven o’clock


Disillusionment of a Writer (#poem)

When did we become so political?
Passersby in separate camps
When did we become so critical?
Of friends, lovers, uncles, and aunts

This is not how we live our lives in person
Why must it be so online?
People misinterpreting
Being so unkind

Do they do this on purpose?
Or is it happenstance?
Do they do this for a purpose?
TMI or lack of brain synapse?

I’m becoming stingy with my words
No longer writing volumes of novels
The drive to share, well, social media killed it
Just like romance readers killed chick lit

Nobody listens anymore
They like without clicking the link
They form an opinion way before
They take the time to read the thing

Yes, I’m becoming stingy with my words
Writing poems, songs, and music
Writing for me has far more allure
Than writing for the public

One Wise Man (#poem)

I’ve had plenty of men in and out of my life
But it’s not what you think
I’m not looking for a man looking for a wife
Who will take me beyond the brink
I’ve been looking for that one wise man
I’ve been looking my whole life

I searched and I searched from land to sea
I searched and I searched on back roads and highways
And then one day I saw a man with the biggest smile I’d ever seen
I offered him warmth and he looked at me
As if he’d been waiting all along
For a woman without him who would still be strong

But once I beheld that loving gaze
I knew I’d found him as I studied his face
To have and to hold when I felt all alone
Like angels from Heaven singing their song
The sun and its power with all of its shine
Told me he loved me and I would be just fine


Unspoken (#poem)

Reading “Our Grandmothers,” a poem by Maya Angelou mentioned in Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown, I thought about my poet grandmother and wrote this poem:


Some things should not be spoken
People tell me
By the way they ignore me
As if they do not hear me
And this grieves me

So I shall speak of it
Even when people try to turn it
Twist it
So that I will not talk about it

Implying I need therapy
That something is wrong with me
For not leaving it behind
Like a wheel that is broken
These things unspoken

They say this to silence me
To quiet me
To control me
But I have been silenced all my life

So I will continue to speak of it
When it’s appropriate
When it’s inappropriate
Say those who want to hide it
Bury it

Like burying the dead
These unwelcome thoughts in our head