Happy New Year

The best part about New Year's Rockin Eve was this song, supposedly a favorite of Obama's. l'm not that into politics, but I have to say, he has awfully good taste in music. 🙂 I'm so inspired now to get back into the studio in #2018. Happy New Year!


Congrats to Chloe Kohanski, Winner of #TheVoice 2017

As soon as I heard Chloe sing a Stevie Nix song, I was a fan! And then she kept singing these amazing rock songs - the kind you just don't hear anymore - Stevie Nix, Blondie, Kim Carnes, Bonnie Tyler and even Foreigner - all amazing songs from my youth. Love it when young people … Continue reading Congrats to Chloe Kohanski, Winner of #TheVoice 2017

A Young Girl’s Dreams (#poem)

A young girl dreams at ten or eleven Of riches and fame, singing on stage Elvis matinees and Beatlemania she starts writing songs of her own She can see it now who she wants to be when fully grown A young girl dreams at sweet sixteen strolling the streets in the city A storefront window … Continue reading A Young Girl’s Dreams (#poem)

Can’t Stop the Music

While we're living in temporary housing during the house building process, I made a deal with myself that I'd put music on hold and focus on writing my novel-in-progress. That music is too challenging for me right now and writing a novel is therapeutic. The problem with that is I love music too much, and … Continue reading Can’t Stop the Music

Everybody Lies (#lyrics)

Everybody Lies Words and Music by Kathy Holmes (copyright December 2014) Available on CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify and other online distributors You texted me at a quarter til five You’d be out all night with the guys I never thought someone like you Would be caught in a secret rendezvous Lie to me once, shame … Continue reading Everybody Lies (#lyrics)