Novelist & Modern Musician Vs. Nashville

I've been struggling for some time about what to make my main priority - writing or music. When we evacuated to Nashville during Hurricane Irma, I hadn't been there since I started songwriting and joined Nashville Songwriter's Association (NSAI) so I was very excited about it. May as well make the most out of a … Continue reading Novelist & Modern Musician Vs. Nashville


Who Needs You and You Can’t Get a Good Girl Down

I've been a bit frustrated with my music lately. I mean, really, who does it sound like, what genre is it, and must I always be so outside the box? Not sure what direction to take, I've been working on my craft, learning new production techniques, drum programming, and even got a new electric guitar. … Continue reading Who Needs You and You Can’t Get a Good Girl Down

Collaborator or Solo Troubadour

"I have travelled alone for most of my career. Out of financial necessity, and personal preference. It’s a suitable way to present my songs, and I’ve loved living the life of a solo troubadour. Driving from town to town with a guitar, a harmonica, bar stool, a bottle of water, and a spotlight. Selling CD’s … Continue reading Collaborator or Solo Troubadour