Blogging the Grief (#poem)

Tropical air breathing Lifts me when I'm grieving The death certificate arriving Reminds me I'm alive and thriving Those around me ignoring Dismissing me like that floors me I was here before them Who I am is without shame Their secrets they hide Until the day they died They dumped on me Instead of taking … Continue reading Blogging the Grief (#poem)

Walking-Inspired Writing

In today's chapter of Pep Talks for Writers by Grant Faulkner, I read about how walking is inspiring for writers. Julia Camera also speaks of this in the Artist's Way. I discovered the joys of solo walking when my family first moved to the Pacific Northwest from Southern California in my late teens. Walking was … Continue reading Walking-Inspired Writing

Mothers & Daughters (#poem)

Mothers and daughters can love and can hate The relationship can change from age to age Some things remain the same and this is what the world knows But only those in the know can know and this really blows To be so close yet never know them at all The facade they show their … Continue reading Mothers & Daughters (#poem)

The Promised Land (#poem)

Tiny little towns lie in the Valley paved with gold Pickup trucks and cowboy boots lined with filth Rickety shacks and outdoor houses she didn’t have to choose Coats catching fire, coffee burns or so I’ve been told Two families from the same place take different paths to the Promised Land One chose north, the … Continue reading The Promised Land (#poem)

Myths of the Fatherless: Truer Than Ever 10 Years Later

The world talks a lot about showing love to people but they also have their own definition of love. The truth is, it's only by telling people the truth do we show love - not denying truth and enabling people to live a life of lies. And so I'm reposting this now because it becomes … Continue reading Myths of the Fatherless: Truer Than Ever 10 Years Later

Myths of the Fatherless Interview

Carine Nadel interviewed me for her article in the Orange County Register - also picked up on MSNBC - about my search for my father and book about this subject, Myths of the Fatherless.MYTHS OF THE FATHERLESSEvery little girl loves her daddy. But what happens when that daddy is missing? Or another man steps into … Continue reading Myths of the Fatherless Interview