Writing Advocates in Heaven

One of the first songs I wrote in my songwriting class was "Advocates in Heaven." The idea of the song is about losing those closest to you as life moves on until one day you feel as if you have few, if any, advocates on earth, which could feel devastating until you remember you now … Continue reading Writing Advocates in Heaven

Everything Changes X-Posted

Cross-posted from Screamie Birds. During this process, we remind ourselves that "if you change nothing, nothing changes." What's also true is that when you change something, everything changes. I awaken at night, my head spinning with potential changes. Sometimes I blog. Sometimes I write. Sometimes I write or play music on my iPhone (with ear … Continue reading Everything Changes X-Posted

Time to Retreat

This has been a hellish day and I was already feeling under the weather before I got the email that blindsided me. It reminded me of all that I disliked about publishing and why I walked away from it to pursue music. So when I gathered the troops by listening to "Stronger," I was longing … Continue reading Time to Retreat

Social Media for Introverts

I saw this posted by @StrongIntrovert on Twitter. Do you ever go out, and while you're out, you think, "This is exactly why I don't go out"? After working at home for several years, I sometimes miss rubbing shoulders with other people. It sometimes feels lonely working at home with my cats all day. But … Continue reading Social Media for Introverts

Turning to Music in Times of Grief

The vet called and Lovey's remains were ready to be picked up, which created a little setback in our grief. It took Rich by surprise because he'd been so busy at work that he hadn't had time to really grieve. I, on the other hand, spend the day in Lovey's house and see her everywhere. … Continue reading Turning to Music in Times of Grief