Blogging the Grief (#poem)

Tropical air breathing Lifts me when I'm grieving The death certificate arriving Reminds me I'm alive and thriving Those around me ignoring Dismissing me like that floors me I was here before them Who I am is without shame Their secrets they hide Until the day they died They dumped on me Instead of taking … Continue reading Blogging the Grief (#poem)

Respect Yourself (#poem #lyrics #hiphop)

It’s a time for transformation No time for hesitation Just give it some consideration Respect yourself Remember when we cleaned up good On a Sunday in the neighborhood Wearing white suits, hats, and boots Respect yourself Walk away from, don’t even speak of the ugly No place in church, on the streets, or gully Watch … Continue reading Respect Yourself (#poem #lyrics #hiphop)

The Long Way (Song of the Day)

Not sure how much more poetry I'll be writing this month. Even yesterday's poem was more song lyric than poem. Besides, I'm rushing to get all of my evaluations done from NSAI before this year’s membership expires next month. So I'm pretty much focusing on songs, not poems or novels. So I'm listening to The … Continue reading The Long Way (Song of the Day)

Kentucky Flame (FAWM)

Kentucky Flame (FAWM) Songwriting Challenge: No Chorus Lyrics, copyright 2018, Kathy Holmes I searched for an old friend the other day I met him in California in the sixth grade I never expected to find him that way When I saw the obituary of my old Kentucky Flame I remember the day this Kentucky boy … Continue reading Kentucky Flame (FAWM)

3 Drinks Later (Dancing with Travolta) (#FAWM)

My first complete song I posted on FAWM (February Album Writing Month - similar to NaNoWriMo for writers in November), inspired by the opening of the new Edison bar and lounge at Disney Springs. First the lyrics followed by a work tape on SoundCloud: 3 Drinks Later (Dancing with Travolta) Copyright 2018, Kathy Holmes Verse … Continue reading 3 Drinks Later (Dancing with Travolta) (#FAWM)