Disillusionment of a Writer (A Poem)

When did we become so political? Passersby in separate camps When did we become so critical? Of friends, lovers, uncles, and aunts This is not how we live our lives in person Why must it be so online? People misinterpreting Being so unkind Do they do this on purpose? Or is it happenstance? Do they … Continue reading Disillusionment of a Writer (A Poem)


Can’t Stop the Music

While we're living in temporary housing during the house building process, I made a deal with myself that I'd put music on hold and focus on writing my novel-in-progress. That music is too challenging for me right now and writing a novel is therapeutic. The problem with that is I love music too much, and … Continue reading Can’t Stop the Music

Writing Advocates in Heaven

One of the first songs I wrote in my songwriting class was "Advocates in Heaven." The idea of the song is about losing those closest to you as life moves on until one day you feel as if you have few, if any, advocates on earth, which could feel devastating until you remember you now … Continue reading Writing Advocates in Heaven

Time to Retreat

This has been a hellish day and I was already feeling under the weather before I got the email that blindsided me. It reminded me of all that I disliked about publishing and why I walked away from it to pursue music. So when I gathered the troops by listening to "Stronger," I was longing … Continue reading Time to Retreat

New Original Song, Bad Boy Crushes, Now Available on iTunes and cdbaby

I released my first song, Everybody Lies, last year on iTunes and cdbaby, and have started off this year with a new song, Bad Boy Crushes, available for download on both iTunes and cdbaby. Bad Boy Crushes grew organically from one of the songs I wrote in my Pat Pattison songwriting class, Candy Apple Red, … Continue reading New Original Song, Bad Boy Crushes, Now Available on iTunes and cdbaby

White Room, Laith Al-Saadi, Voice Finale

My top choices on The Voice changed over the the last few weeks. At first, Alison was my #1 pick and then she dropped below my top two choices: Adam Wakefield and Laith Al-Saadi. But after Laith opened up the finale with his version of White Room - WOW! He moved to #1. In fact, … Continue reading White Room, Laith Al-Saadi, Voice Finale

Upside Down (Song of the Day)

As I work on a project for one of my clients this morning, I listen to Pandora. One of my favorite stations is Devil Doll. I'll be forever grateful to Pandora for introducing me to eclectic, fabulously exciting music. Far better than commercial radio. And while I know I'm not there yet, I'm inspired to … Continue reading Upside Down (Song of the Day)

The Songwriting Journey

I was reading the NSAI Forums this morning and I ran across a thread encouraging us to keep moving forward toward your dreams and celebrating each accomplishment, no matter how small, along the way. That is also a common thread in the fiction writing community, too. Sometimes I'm not sure where I belong - both? … Continue reading The Songwriting Journey

What About the Bridge?

As I wrote yesterday, the Bridge is my nemesis. I could live without it. But in every feedback session I've been in, both group and individual, the mentor tells us to include a Bridge.But then I read this article, Bridges: A Songwriter's Rule of Thumb. Songwriting, like all aspects of writing, seems to have different … Continue reading What About the Bridge?

Writing from the Heart or Writing for the Charts?

Mary Gauthier tells the story of how she started songwriting and that she'd taken a couple of songwriting classes but they didn't really work for her. They were teaching how to write songs for the charts. She was/is much more interested in writing from the heart.I know how she feels - I do everything from … Continue reading Writing from the Heart or Writing for the Charts?