Nowhere to Run (Official Song of “The Bob”) #Covid19 #FlashbackFriday

We all react to this “thing” differently but sometimes the same. We’re not “in this together,” but we are all “in this.” Who can escape it? No wonder the song that’s also been playing in my head is “Nowhere to Run (Nowhere to Hide).” I know I sometimes prefer to run away. I certainly like to have the option even if I don’t act on it.

So I had to track down the Martha Reeves and the Vandellas “Nowhere to Run” song on YouTube. Interesting one of the commenters said “this should be the official song of the Coronavirus.” Another commenter said that when “there’s nowhere to run, you turn around and fight.” We see this happening now as things are starting to open up. Dine-in restaurants are opening (with protective measures in place) here in Nevada, but today the governor also granted permission for restaurants inside casinos to open (with protective measures in place).

But have you come to totally dislike the idea of the governor’s power? Before, he (or she), seemed more like a figurehead, or certainly harmless (unless you’re totally political, which I am not). I’m watching with interest those who are suing their governors (like the Wisconsin case). There’s having the power to call a state of emergency, and then there’s infringing on people’s rights, because it’s a perceived threat. Oh well, I’m not really political so I should stay out of it, but I just have this feeling that this has not been handled well.

Like church. I’m a bit angry that I can’t participate in church right now. It’s true, I can “watch” liturgy and mass and various services online, but after a while, I feel like I’m an observer, not a participator. I, at least, want to be a passive participator, not just an observer. Some Orthodox churches (Greek and the OCA) are allowing a few members (10) to participate, as long as you sign up with the priest. But Catholic churches are still shut down until the end of the month at least.

I have to give kudos to a bishop of the Orthodox Church of America (OCA) who said “the governor didn’t shut us down, and it’s not his place to open us again. That’s on me.” I kinda wish the Catholics would say the same, although those churches are so huge, not sure how they will open up. At least, the Roman Catholics, but not the Byzantine Catholics, which are usually quite small.

I’ve discovered I’m feeling more peaceful about having my own prayers with incense around my home church and choosing my own studies than I am watching somebody else perform/participate in the liturgy/mass. At least I’m participating. Watching isn’t good enough. Watching doesn’t count.

And now, here it is, the official song of “The Bob.” Oh yeah, that’s lifting me up!

While we’re at it, why not this song, too?

Freedom, Vinyl, and the Power of Music

So we’re moving into a new home in the middle of this “thing” and I run across my box of old vinyls from the 60s and 70s. Including the Beatles’ “Abbey Road,” which is ironic because I’ve been trying out the Abbey Road Studio plugin.

The whole vinyl thing took me down memory lane, my childhood in SoCal, summers at the beach, Disneyland, or listening to 33s in my garage with my sixth grade “boyfriend.” This made me so very happy with much emotion and longing, I had to stop working. I had to sit down and immerse myself in that era and I began to listen to the Rolling Stones – on YouTube, not vinyl. I no longer have a “record” player but I need to get one pronto.

The irony is all my vinyls are either Elvis, the Beatles, or Tom Jones – lol! No Stones in sight. Why, I don’t know because they were a favorite. Anyway, here’s the playlist I’ve been grooving to.

“Gimme Shelter” really stands out, which may seem like an odd choice, but maybe it’s because we’re been going through this whole “shelter in place” thing, which is so depressing. Not that I’m not getting out as much as I ever did. But it’s the mental prison that’s the most debilitating. I applaud the rebels. It’s time to find a way to live our lives amidst a crisis.

So, instead of staying too tuned into Twitter or LinkedIn, etc., well, it’s no wonder I’d rather reach back into the past to better times, even during a war of a different kind. At least we had our freedom. Even if it was an illusion, because, for all intents and purposes, it was real.

At least, I can touch the past in the present when I play the music. That’s freedom. And that’s the power of music.

Juggling the Arts During #Covid-19 #AtHome

Before Covid-19, I pretty much spent most of my time in my home studio/office, so staying at home isn’t that new to me. But I felt like I had to make a choice between pursuing music and writing fiction. They seemed to use different parts of my brain, and I felt like I couldn’t juggle them all that well. That I *must* choose one in order to be successful.

Now I’ve realized during this time that it’s too difficult to focus on just one. My brain is more scattered right now. So how do I turn this into something good? Well, I’m not only pursuing both writing (brain) and music (ears), but also creating videos (visual), embracing three of my senses, instead of just one. Besides, how do I know which one might take off more than the other? Diversification seems wise to me now.

So, how do I determine which one to work on when? I suit up and show up. I let the muse decide.

What projects am I working on in particular?

  • Editing my manuscript in progress
  • Gaining skills in music production through classes
  • Producing my FAWM album and writing music for TAXI listings
  • Creating videos from a variety of trips to Disneyland, Disney World, and Cruises

The latter idea was spurned on when I noticed our 22-second video of Oasis of the Seas started getting crazy views (at least for us with a brand new channel).

At last count, it’s over 15K. You can check it out here. While you’re there, please subscribe. 🙂

Also, check out our Travel Adventures blog, including our adventures in moving/house building.

Anyway, just uploading that one video started me thinking about creating/uploading more videos and I’ve discovered I really enjoy it because I’m also a visual artist, not just audio and cerebral.

What have you discovered about yourself and what you enjoy that took you by surprise?


Raining Men: Free E-Book Promotion (#Covid19)

With so many authors and others offering deals and freebies during this Covid-19 #stayhome period, I thought I’d do the same. So starting Tuesday, April 24 through Saturday, April 18, Raining Men (A Novella) is available as a Free ebook. Get your copy here.

Raining Men

When California girl Brooke Slade, looking for love in all the wrong places, is presented with an opportunity to move to the Pacific Northwest, she turns it down, refusing to leave her life in Sunny California. But when she loses her job, she decides to give the Northwest a chance for thirty days and discovers it’s raining more than the wet stuff – it’s raining men. Wading through so many Mr. Wrongs, can she find Mr. Right?

Free Short Stories Collection Bonus when you buy the Paperback version.

(Note: Not available on Smashwords during this Kindle enrollment period).

Shakin My Bagpipe – What’s Keeping Me Sane (#Covid19)

During this lockdown, the one that keeps me sane is music. And I can’t seem to get enough of “Shake That Bagpipe” and the SIDH album. Which is absolutely hilarious considering my history with bagpipes. We had a family joke about how everywhere I went, bagpipes would suddenly appear. Like the time I got off work after my shift ended at 11 pm (fast food restaurant) and only slept a couple of hours before I went on a fishing trip to the Oregon Coast with my family when I was 16.

So there I am sleeping in the car while the others were either fishing or watching the fishing. And wouldn’t you know it? Here came the bagpipes waking me up. Lol! That was just one of many stories about me and bagpipes.

So what changed? EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and the bagpipes paired with awesome drums! Check it out here.

Staying Upbeat in the Writing, Travel, Disney, and Cruise Community

During this difficult time, I noticed that writers are actively seeking out other writer’s books, asking where to buy them, and cruise/Disney vloggers are actively uploading vids that are uplifting. I love this.

One of the cruise vloggers (Scott Singer Cruises) I subscribe to uploaded a vlog from his 2019 Alaska cruise this morning. I noticed it really picked people up. For me, too. So I started sorting through some of my travel and cruise videos and uploading them.

And why not combine both – my love for travel, cruising, and writing books set on cruise ships and other touristy locales. Here are some links you night be interested in:

Travel Blog (Two4Disney) – Covers Disney, Cruising, Las Vegas, and other Travels with a link to my novels, too.

Two4Disney on YouTube – A few of our travel adventures uploaded in small bites. More to come. Not much of a channel yet, but why not subscribe and let’s build this thing together.

Screamie Birds Studios – My writing/music web site where I keep you up-to-date on my latest music and fiction creations.