New Book Release: Raining Men, Version 2.0

One of the benefits of being an Indie author is that you can edit or change a book up after it's published. And that's exactly what I did with Raining Men. I'd published it right before I switched gears to songwriting and thought I hadn't given it the attention it deserved. I hadn't promoted it … Continue reading New Book Release: Raining Men, Version 2.0

Time to Retreat

This has been a hellish day and I was already feeling under the weather before I got the email that blindsided me. It reminded me of all that I disliked about publishing and why I walked away from it to pursue music. So when I gathered the troops by listening to "Stronger," I was longing … Continue reading Time to Retreat

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

The last two or three days I've had those "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger" life lessons. For one thing, my publisher behaved a bit dishonestly and tried to blame it on me in a classic "CYA" move, voiding the contract. The result is, I'll be looking for a new publisher for that book. … Continue reading What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Social Media for Introverts

I saw this posted by @StrongIntrovert on Twitter. Do you ever go out, and while you're out, you think, "This is exactly why I don't go out"? After working at home for several years, I sometimes miss rubbing shoulders with other people. It sometimes feels lonely working at home with my cats all day. But … Continue reading Social Media for Introverts

White Room, Laith Al-Saadi, Voice Finale

My top choices on The Voice changed over the the last few weeks. At first, Alison was my #1 pick and then she dropped below my top two choices: Adam Wakefield and Laith Al-Saadi. But after Laith opened up the finale with his version of White Room - WOW! He moved to #1. In fact, … Continue reading White Room, Laith Al-Saadi, Voice Finale

Songwriting: Too Real for the Radio

We were eating Shrimp Fajitas and sipping Cucumber Margaritas at Chevy's this weekend, and I was listening to the music playing. I started noticing a pattern and thought, "Okay, I see now what my NSAI mentors were trying to get me to do." I thought about reworking the latest song they were excited about. I … Continue reading Songwriting: Too Real for the Radio

4 Pockets: Radio Rules vs. Artist Rules

I received the second round of feedback for my song from two different NSAI mentors and they both love the hook. In fact, usually it takes 2 or 3 weeks for feedback but in both cases, I received feedback within 24 and 48 hours. That's how excited they are about it. I took into consideration … Continue reading 4 Pockets: Radio Rules vs. Artist Rules

Drag Queens in Limousines

Catchy title but it's probably the only album of Mary Gauthier that I do not have... yet. On it is Our Lady of the Shooting Stars - she tells the story of her early days as a struggling singer/songwriter in the story behind that song.Drag Queens and Limousines reminds me of my early days in … Continue reading Drag Queens in Limousines