Tropes and Other Annoyances (#poem)

Where do you fit in as the years go by Creating the person you are meant to be In a world that oppresses you like a swatted fly Pretending to encourage you with eyes that cannot see They make up categories, genres, brands, and props Changing them chasing the thrill of what's dope It's not … Continue reading Tropes and Other Annoyances (#poem)

Life of an Indie Artist (#poem #NaPoWriMo)

Drums pounding in my brain Will I ever fall asleep again? Plots summer in my thoughts Telling stories I’ve yet to write Dreaming to be read like the books on my shelf Music hammers all night long Composing melodies and scheming rhymes Verse and chorus climb the ridge Leading me to the dreaded bridge Thus … Continue reading Life of an Indie Artist (#poem #NaPoWriMo)

A Young Girl’s Dreams (#poem)

A young girl dreams at ten or eleven Of riches and fame, singing on stage Elvis matinees and Beatlemania she starts writing songs of her own She can see it now who she wants to be when fully grown A young girl dreams at sweet sixteen strolling the streets in the city A storefront window … Continue reading A Young Girl’s Dreams (#poem)