50/90 Day 3 (#poem)

Her false sense of importance and a lack of genuine love
Launched an army to reflect a self-image of being better and above
With a stand-in father pretending to be what he could never be
I learned the truth from the real man on a mountain top of redwood trees

We talked and talked about everything and everything under the sun
Until at last we turned to music like something just stumbled upon
With a long line of instruments played and a musically discerning ear
He hugged me and held me close, peace shutting down my fears

Whoever says “any man will do” hasn’t walked in these shoes
And is bound to repeat mistakes until they do, too
It’s the same old story from the beginning of time
Learning hard won lessons just like mine

50/90 Day 2 (#poem)

Narcissist or Sociopath whatever the name
You hid it well your walk of shame
Hiding in plain sight with the hero in black
The first sign of foobar throwing away the white hat

Troubles between us brewing now and then
Your secrets and lies spun your little children
Like a playground merry go round banging your head
Uncovering the truth about the men you wed

Just another American family looking good on the outside
In a world of corruption, chasing sin and vice
Running away from our Creator slapping His hand
Reinventing ourselves pretending we the man

The world spins on as everything is questioned
And the world isn’t round I’ve even heard  mentioned
Men are women and women are men
The guns rage on and violence never ends

Oh my dear ladies and fellow man
Swearing like a street hood in Gangsta rap
The dignity of the Black man creating Jazz and Blues
Has surrendered to the fight and taken you

We’re headed in the wrong direction and I can’t stop this thing all alone
Like a boulder thundering down the mountain in Indiana Jones
I need your help can’t you see
It starts with Jesus, then you and me

50/90 Day 1 (#poem)

50/90 (50 songs in 90 days), an offshoot of FAWM (February Album Writing Month – 14 songs in 28 days) – begins July 4, ending October 1st.

So… I may start writing poems during the night again or whenever inspiration strikes. Many of last fall’s 50 poems in 50 days turned into songs. But poetry is a fulfilling expression on its own.

My first poem for this round:

“Resist, Run, Rebel”

Why did I think I was so pulled together
When I was young and life was forever
Climbing the ladder one rung at a time
I could do no wrong, the future was mine

I stuffed down my feelings, they weren’t allowed
I hung out with friends and hid in the crowd
I was so strong my friends would all say
I fought the fight all night and all day

Life taught me lessons and some I learned
The war raged on and the stripes were hard earned
Looking back, was my life about giving them hell
Heeding the call to Resist, Run, Rebel?