John Madison (#poem)

No planes, no trains, just automobiles A giant collage of a Ferris wheel Round and round goes the track Whirring dervishes give no slack Rum runners scurry in the night Grandpa’s Ford hides the blight Carving instruments in the day Passing down music to those without say Sleepless twilight trumpets my head Clock ticking and … Continue reading John Madison (#poem)

The Promised Land (#poem)

Tiny little towns lie in the Valley paved with gold Pickup trucks and cowboy boots lined with filth Rickety shacks and outdoor houses she didn’t have to choose Coats catching fire, coffee burns or so I’ve been told Two families from the same place take different paths to the Promised Land One chose north, the … Continue reading The Promised Land (#poem)

California Screaming (#poem)

Tom Petty sings about it, where life is messy A world without dads and cold spaghetti The California dream has its limitations In a land of make believe and illusions They looked at me with awe and envy I couldn’t complain, every day was Thanksgiving Seen through their eyes beyond their reach Me living a … Continue reading California Screaming (#poem)

Nashville Season Finale: It Ain’t Yours to Throw Away

Finally! This was the Nashville finale I've been waiting for. After last week's happy family scene with Deacon, Maddie, and Rayna, onlooker Luke Wheeler wasn't about to let that happen. He proposed to Rayna onstage.Well, Deacon wasn't about to let hat happen, either, without a fight so he marched on over to Rayna's house and … Continue reading Nashville Season Finale: It Ain’t Yours to Throw Away