I say that I was “Born in the City of Angels, raised on Walt Disney, and inspired by the dreams of both.”

Maybe I should say something about being conceived in San Francisco, but it doesn’t sound quite as poetic. My agent said that I had a poetic, almost lyrical writing style and I’ll be forever grateful to her for saying that.

I grew up halfway between Disneyland and the beach with influences from nearby Hollywood during the Mad Men era. No wonder there’s usually some sort of retro scene in my writing.

Tantalized by the tropics since Adam Troy set sail on the Kon Tiki in James A. Michener’s “Adventures in Paradise,” I have traveled to tropical destinations such as Hawaii, Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Asia Pacific. Eventually, I moved to Florida where I wrote and secured representation for Real Women Wear Red. I also wrote for Walt Disney World and the Orlando Sentinel.

The Tom Jones Club begins in Orlando and finds its way to Las Vegas. But no surprise there – the first time I saw Las Vegas I about seven-years-old when my step dad, attempting to quit smoking, drove the family to Las Vegas to keep his hands busy playing craps. Somebody said that this was the funniest bio they’d ever read, and I happen to agree with them about the “playing craps to quit smoking” part.

Life is fully of ironies because after moving back west to live in Las Vegas, my husband and I and our three furry kids are living in Orlando once again.

*** Dedicated to my paternal grandmother, Rev. Freda Walker Holmes, 1915-2000 – who said “never give up, in spite of age or the naysayers, and “attitude is just how you see things.” As you can see, “Cattitude is everything.”