Adventure on the High Seas (#poem)

Working on my third novel set aboard a cruise ship, and after tuning into last night’s CruiseTipsTV Live last night, I decided to write a poem about the call of the adventure on the high seas.

Dreaming of cruising on a luxury ship
Running for miles to reduce the hips
Preparing for months with low fat calories
Longing for adventure on the high seas

Shopping for swimsuits, bags, and nice dresses
Romantic strolls on decks, kisses and caresses
Tips, tricks, and vlogging the trip
Reading a novel about a girl who strips

Cocktails, Coppertone, and boys in cabanas
Lovers and places once forbidden like Havana
Snorkeling, parasailing, and boats like bananas
Lift me from despair to cries of Hosanna

Once Upon a Time I Had a Dad (#poem)

Gazing at the USS Midway
Knowing that once upon a time I had a dad
Photos of Navy whites he was clad
Shipped to foreign ports so very far away

Tears of loss hit me now
Of all I miss as I get older
Anger in me grows and smolders
Forgiveness is something I must learn to master somehow

She promised to wait with a bun in the oven
She met a man, some thought he was Elvis
He strummed the guitar – he was her fairy tale bliss
She wrote a letter to keep sailor boy out and her new love in

Dear John, the letter began with a lie
Our marriage wasn’t legal, you’ll have to believe me
What choice did he have, 6,000 miles across the sea
When another man stole his unborn baby and his young wife?

The secret life she lived so sad
Affected so many after running away
Choices are accounted for in spite of the delay
Gone ten months now but it’s no lie
Once upon a time I had a dad

Tequila, Take Me Home

I wrote this song when we were living in Florida. We were having lunch at La Fiesta, the most Southern California Mexican restaurant in the New Smyrna Beach/Daytona area and I was soaking up the atmosphere, the Mexican music, and the “Mexican Margarita,” as they called it. It was my favorite, if not a bit strong.

A Native Californian, I was so homesick for the West Coast so I took a drink and said, “Tequila, Take Me Home.” That became a song.

So when Taxi A&R had a listing for “drinking songs,” I submitted it. Well, it was not forwarded. But after last night’s episode where they played many of the submissions and we got to vote +1 or -1 as to whether we thought it should be forwarded, I realized my mistake. It was not a “drinking song” in the real meaning of that. It was more of a homesick song – lol!

I have a couple of other drinking songs that would have been more appropriate but they need some work. But it might be good to do the work now because you never know when they might just have another call for that kind of song.

One Real Dad (#poem)

On this earth I have many dads
These dads are blessings, or can be
Disney dad, Princess dad, Byzantine dad to name three
Once I was blind but now I can see
Life taught me something I did not have
There will only ever be one real dad

Mary and Joseph lost their dear son
They searched everywhere with hearts filled with fear
After three days he suddenly appeared
“Why did you make your father and I worry” her eyes spilled her tears
“Did you not know I would be in my father’s house?” he said when so young
Even Jesus had only one real dad when all is said and done

Children misled in so many ways
Proclaiming “any man will do” is what molds them
Identities are being stolen
Hearts are being broken
“It’s better for the kids” they say
When lies suit them better by night and by day

Lie to Me Tonight (#poem)

Lie to me tonight
Tell me everything is gonna be alright
Make it convincing
I need the power of your love’s might

Lie to me tonight
Keep me grounded before my fears take flight
Make me feel safe
I need you to hold me tight

Lie to me tonight
Keep my worries of tomorrow hovering just before daylight
Make them sorry
I need you to put up a fight

Lie to me tonight
Let me drift into dreamland’s delights
Make the truth wait
I need you closer after midnight

Lie to me tonight
Let me believe I control my plight
Make me all better and confess
I need God and only God can say, “everything is gonna be alright.”

I Found Myself (#poem)

I found myself tonight
When I saw you there
Hiding in plain sight
Navy blue on a hanger

Like memories put on a shelf
The pants I wore held you dear
Lying in my arms your love I felt
You were always a part of me

I found you tonight
Wrapped in a simple fabric
The clock chimed back in time
The scent of yesterday’s remembrance

In the Still of the Night (#poem)

In the still of the night I walk and I pray
My mind seeks your voice and your company
Searching for miracles in the light of day
Maybe not A-S-A-P but as long as it takes

These lessons I’ve learned through the tears and the struggle
I couldn’t have known coukd be so invaluable
Through promises you led tucked away in my heart
Your will be done was just the start

As writing and music are the prayers of an artist
It’s not the end result but all about the process
The heart has reason that reason can’t know
And God has logic the world does not bestow

In the still of the night I walk and I pray
As long as I am writing, I feel okay
But if I stop what happens to me?
Will I be able to practice what I profess to believe?

I Lost You (#poem)

I lost you before I was born
Those in charge I could not warn
Maybe that’s why my heart is so afraid
In the womb I had no say
Helpless as I was being made

She gave me life, then she took it away
Broken and wounded and so afraid
Finding something from another man
While you served in a war like Viet Nam
How else could she have made the choices she made?

You never stopped loving her in spite of it all
When a father loves the mother even after a great fall
Is the greatest gift a daughter can see
Feeling the love and the power to believe
Knowing if only she’d trusted what she’d had

It’s whisky under the bridge having gone separate ways
Sons and daughters and grandkids to my dismay
Squeezing me out as if I did not exist
Twisting me into an identity, not for me but against
Refusing to acknowledge who I really am

Forgiveness is healing, no need to carry that burden
But one needs to be sorry, of this I am certain
Without it there is no great story of repentance
That’s the difference between Peter and Judas
I lost you before I was born

I Went Home Today (#poem)

I went home today
He was there but I could not stay
I heard the promise given last July
Future victory conquers a lifetime lie

I must hold on
His presence lingers after I’m gone
The photos are proof but even better
Written on my heart are the red letters

I’m going home for good
Refusing to leave if I could
The stakes are high, the mountains tall
Untul my last breath, I’m giving it my all

I Close My Eyes (#poem)

I close my eyes and I see the light
Shining into my soul
Who are you this long and lonely night
Lighting my flame with a burning coal

I will not collapse I answer back
I’ve trusted far too long
The road is winding but nothing I lack
Leaning into a shepherd’s arms so strong

Pondering the moments you touched my face
Thumbing through photos in my mind
Reviewing the scenes through eyes of faith
I see your love caressing my life as our story unwinds

I close my eyes and I see the light
Guiding my soul through dark and lonely nights