This is what happens when you get a new kitten – lol! The oldest cat loves to sing, especially into the microphone, and has already left his vocals on this track in progress. Now the new kitten (shown in the video) is fascinated with Push2 and Ableton Live.

I’m calling it “Screamie and the Cats.” Check it out on YouTube.


One thought on “Screamie and the Cats #NewKitten #MusicProduction

  1. Oh, Kathy! First, the cat is adorable. Second, I am so behind the times. I had no idea there were Shorts on YouTube. I don’t know that I’ve ever looked at TikTok. I had to drag myself away after about an hour of scrolling down below your cat! I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve shook my head. Thanks for showing me something new. 🙂

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