So we’re moving into a new home in the middle of this “thing” and I run across my box of old vinyls from the 60s and 70s. Including the Beatles’ “Abbey Road,” which is ironic because I’ve been trying out the Abbey Road Studio plugin.

The whole vinyl thing took me down memory lane, my childhood in SoCal, summers at the beach, Disneyland, or listening to 33s in my garage with my sixth grade “boyfriend.” This made me so very happy with much emotion and longing, I had to stop working. I had to sit down and immerse myself in that era and I began to listen to the Rolling Stones – on YouTube, not vinyl. I no longer have a “record” player but I need to get one pronto.

The irony is all my vinyls are either Elvis, the Beatles, or Tom Jones – lol! No Stones in sight. Why, I don’t know because they were a favorite. Anyway, here’s the playlist I’ve been grooving to.

“Gimme Shelter” really stands out, which may seem like an odd choice, but maybe it’s because we’re been going through this whole “shelter in place” thing, which is so depressing. Not that I’m not getting out as much as I ever did. But it’s the mental prison that’s the most debilitating. I applaud the rebels. It’s time to find a way to live our lives amidst a crisis.

So, instead of staying too tuned into Twitter or LinkedIn, etc., well, it’s no wonder I’d rather reach back into the past to better times, even during a war of a different kind. At least we had our freedom. Even if it was an illusion, because, for all intents and purposes, it was real.

At least, I can touch the past in the present when I play the music. That’s freedom. And that’s the power of music.

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