Here we are waiting for our new home in Las Vegas to be built remembering how this same time of year twenty years ago, we were also waiting for our first home to be finished. We got the keys April 13, and that’s about when the new house will be finished. 1999 was also the year we went to Walt Disney World together in May, and were determined to move to Orlando, because we knew we couldn’t possibly do all of Disney World the way we wanted all the way from San Francisco.

We traveled a lot that year. Besides WDW, other highlights were celebrating a milestone birthday for Rich at Bellagio in Las Vegas (pool cabana), and then we took Rich’s parents on a cruise for their 50th wedding anniversary. What a year!

Since then we moved to Oregon 3 times, Florida 3 times, California for the 3rd time, and Las Vegas 3 times. We’ve built 4 new homes (1 was a spec), and this will be our 5th. Oh my goodness! When we first left the San Francisco Bay Area in search of our own home, we had no idea we’d own so many and have such adventures. Not always easy, but they’ve made our life interesting and memorable and I can’t imagine missing any of it.

But besides the homes, we’ve loved and raised 7 kitties, said good-bye to 5 of them, met my father, wrote and published 6 novels, and am now writing and producing music.

It’s time to party, and we’re gonna party like it’s 1999 (counting down to the new house), dreaming of a Disneyland AP and a cruise in 2020!

Happy New Year!