Reflections (#poem)

Times of transition
Are cause for reflection
As we walk this journey of life
Passing through stages
At different ages
Remembering the joy and delights

That moment I met you
Surprised me with a love so true
Nothing better than talking for days
The Mustang brochure
Impressed me for sure
Speeding down California highways

Disney World and all of the scheming
This Old House started us dreaming
Of a home of our own and kitties to share
Our longings came true
Warm fires without a flue
Ignited sparks that took us everywhere

We lived near the mouse
In a Minnie Mouse house
On a pond and woods in the back
But soon we were homesick
Strangers in the tropics
Three kitties in the car heading west on the fast track

The Florida dream over
No looking over shoulders
Bright lights and the desert called us to Vegas
Two years became the ten year plan
Trips to the beach and Disneyland
A whisper from the past became a prayer to trust

In a time of transition
I begin my reflection
No more building houses from the ground
Going home has more meaning
A house is just a building
And home is where true love is found

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