The Day Breaks (#poem)

The day breaks as streaks of blue and pink paint the morning sky
Like an expectant mother’s baby shower with gifts wrapped with confetti-like ribbons
Sunday was magical worshipping with the Faithful as the old man’s smile lit up his eyes
Rumblings of home ground me, surprising me with longings once hidden

Future questions remain unanswered but the bread crumbs line the path
Today we honor those who came before us giving their lives fighting in wars
By connecting with one another face-to-face just like we did in the past
The wise study history and the lessons learned are not ignored

Not worshipping Star Wars, outlying gods and other creatures
Knowing science is a gift to use for our benefit
Losing all sense of the Holy bowing to the gifts and not the Giver as if they were the main feature
Like getting high on ego, pride, and other lies, our dignity takes the hit

This simple poem started out by the breaking of dawn
Morning thoughts rushing forth clearing the mind for the day ahead
Is the introvert’s way of giving of self as she rambles on
Hoping to make a bit of difference lying in her bed