One Real Dad (#poem)

On this earth I have many dads
These dads are blessings, or can be
Disney dad, Princess dad, Byzantine dad to name three
Once I was blind but now I can see
Life taught me something I did not have
There will only ever be one real dad

Mary and Joseph lost their dear son
They searched everywhere with hearts filled with fear
After three days he suddenly appeared
“Why did you make your father and I worry” her eyes spilled her tears
“Did you not know I would be in my father’s house?” he said when so young
Even Jesus had only one real dad when all is said and done

Children misled in so many ways
Proclaiming “any man will do” is what molds them
Identities are being stolen
Hearts are being broken
“It’s better for the kids” they say
When lies suit them better by night and by day