Leap of Faith (#poem)

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?
When conflicting demands pull you in different directions, too
When the consequences of your choices put you in a jam
One step at a time, you do the best that you can

It didn’t go the way you imagined when you took that leap of Faith
How could you know this time would be different when the other times everything fell into place
Don’t give up when it’s not over yet
Some day you will see that it’s simply perfect

Each mountain gets taller, the pathway gets longer
The wise men disappear, making you stronger
So that you can lend a helping hand to someone down the rung
Man or woman, old or young

This is how Saints are made, it may surprise you to think about
Under pressure you kick and stomp and shout
More like Peter, not John or Mary
What could be more contrary?

You relive it, rehash it, go back to the beginning, wracking your brain
Questioning what could have, should have changed
Not knowing how this story will end
Would you take that Leap of Faith again?