In a time of indecision, we search online
For answers to questions, while sipping our daily wine
It’s a form of prayer when wisdom is what we seek
It’s a form of humility open to the meek

We admit we don’t know any time we hope to grow
Some say we want others to tell us what we already know
But when all is said and done and we’ve done what we’ve said
What we really want to say is “Dear God, why can’t I send you a text?”

Dear God, should I make that move?
Dear God, help me write music with a groovy groove
Dear God, what happened to that job I did my best to get?
Dear God, why haven’t I heard from anybody yet?

It’s not that we can’t text God or email or talk to
Any thought, word or song is a form of prayer, it’s true
But what we really seek when we’re frantic with lack
Is the ding of a phone answering with God texting us back