There’s a place called home we feel in our heart
Sometimes it’s people or a place we feel when we’re apart
Crispy edged pancakes served by a waitress with a smile
The smell of bacon frying recalls a prayer of 500 miles

Traveling from coast to coast of countries around the world
I’ve never forgotten the dreams of a sun-kissed little girl
Dancing on the beach with a radio in her hand
The Beach Boys and the Beatles were the boys in the band

Living next door to home is a tiny seed of Faith
Believing all will be restored when believing is so brave
It may take a lifetime but the Lord is Faithful and True
To that little promise of Hope skipping without shoes

There’s a place called home I’ve never been able to forget
No matter how hard I’ve tried, I haven’t found a replacement yet
It calls to me when the sun sets and the sun begins to rise
I feel it coming for me, out on the highways it lies

“Come to me,” it whispers and I can no longer sleep
A place called home, a place my heart continues to grieve