Respect Yourself (#poem #lyrics #hiphop)

It’s a time for transformation
No time for hesitation
Just give it some consideration
Respect yourself

Remember when we cleaned up good
On a Sunday in the neighborhood
Wearing white suits, hats, and boots
Respect yourself

Walk away from, don’t even speak of the ugly
No place in church, on the streets, or gully
Watch your mouth, you shouldn’t sully
Respect yourself

People excuse themselves today
“We were born that way,” they say
It’s time to put excuses away
Respect yourself

We were all born as sinners it’s true
Attracted to flames they woo
But it’s time to put on a brand new you
Respect yourself

In a world hellbent on destruction
It seems like it’s just a delusion
But listen I’ve seen the fruition
Respect yourself

When people come together instead of undone
“Heeding the words “Repent” – yes that’s the one
A man called John, the other is the Son
Respect yourself

It all begins with me and you
I’ve seen it done, believe me, it’s true
I know you can do it, too
Respect yourself

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