50/90 Day 1 (#poem)

50/90 (50 songs in 90 days), an offshoot of FAWM (February Album Writing Month – 14 songs in 28 days) – begins July 4, ending October 1st.

So… I may start writing poems during the night again or whenever inspiration strikes. Many of last fall’s 50 poems in 50 days turned into songs. But poetry is a fulfilling expression on its own.

My first poem for this round:

“Resist, Run, Rebel”

Why did I think I was so pulled together
When I was young and life was forever
Climbing the ladder one rung at a time
I could do no wrong, the future was mine

I stuffed down my feelings, they weren’t allowed
I hung out with friends and hid in the crowd
I was so strong my friends would all say
I fought the fight all night and all day

Life taught me lessons and some I learned
The war raged on and the stripes were hard earned
Looking back, was my life about giving them hell
Heeding the call to Resist, Run, Rebel?