On the outside where everything is fine
Smiles and happy faces reassuring others making them feel better
Halfway on the inside is okay, if not sublime
Sipping coffee, thinking pleasant thoughts of things that seldom matter

But look deep down on the inside where our true selves live
The self we try to deny
As we medicate with fibs
And cover up with lies

California girls must be happy no matter what
Even the cows are happy the dairy farmers claim
It’s a lifestyle and what makes California living amazingly great
Or so they say

The weather is beautiful and the beaches must be seen
Surfing, Coppertone tans, lying in the sand, heart filled with joy
Beach boys music rule like Big Kahuna kings
Riding swells with thrills as the surf slams the shore

But in the night when the truth fairies come out
Peeking into that corner in the darkness of the heart
When the world’s fake cheer quiets down
A still small voice can be heard

Gratitude abounds, let there be no doubt
The truth doesn’t deny the good in life
Feelings matter, you shouldn’t have to shout
The war between inside/outside creates the world’s strife