I’m In Love (#poem)

“I’m in love” says he when the music wields its keys
“I’m in love” says he when the voice states her pleas
I’m in love” says she when a new man buzzes like a bee

The world forgets the knowledge of its soul
When the next new thing labels the old thing droll
Throwing out His God making new gods from bankrolls

Interpreting the past through a man-made present lens
Denying the truth to embrace modern trends
The god of motherhood and throwaway boyfriends

“I’m in love,” says I watching Elvis at the movies
“I’m in love,” says I sipping beer at the microbrewery
“I’m in love,” says I smelling my American Beauties

Love for some is the reason for living
Love for some is the reason for thanksgiving
Love for some means openness to forgiving

Don’t project your dreams onto others
Mother, brother, or the Queen Mother
A full life is a romantic life with a significant other

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