Birthdays and holidays always make me sad
Sometimes I cry and then I get mad
When those dearest to you sprout wings and fly away
So far from you in July, so close to you in May

Longing for love from that first man you see
Leading you on a journey from the Caribbean to Waikiki
Cruising the ocean, riding shotgun in Tennessee
Good ol’ boys, Latin lovers, and everything in-between

“Havana ooh na na”* beating inside my head
Singing the music I was born for before I am dead
Making me crazy if I do, crazy if I don’t
Offering it all up, giving it all I’ve got

Gifting his music genetically unknowingly to me
That unforgettable time in San Francisco oh so assuredly
What do I do with secrets that make me who I am?
Without the loving guidance of his helping hand?

Strolling a beach in November on Papaya and Mandalay
I heard him strumming a guitar, moonbeams shining from his face
A halo of angelic light born of a Heavenly glow
Transform my story of one so loved and that’s all I need to know

(*Havana by Camila Cabello)