Lesson One:

Sean and Katherine and their adorable little boy appeared on the pre-show to “The Bachelor.” You can see what an adorable family they are. He looks so much like both of his parents, which makes him even more adorable. So when Arie held him, he wasn’t quite as adorable. He looked out of place. Because Arie isn’t his father. Put him back with his parents and you see where he belongs. It’s a beautiful sight.

Lesson Two:

A contestant on the premier episode of “The Bachelor” this week was very excited thinking that Arie might be her future husband because her father, who had passed, had actually met Arie. How special that her future husband could be someone her father had actually met.

So she was heartbroken when she wasn’t given a rose the very first night. Those hopes and dreams were dashed because, as she said, “My father will never know my husband.”

My heart broke for her. I think she was more interested in that scenario than Arie actually being the right man for her. Subconsciously, probably. But I totally understand.

I then realized that while I didn’t grow up knowing my father (my mother sent him a “Dear John” letter when he was overseas), my husband did meet my father – at the same time I did. Still, after quite a roller coaster ride of trying to build a relationship with him, we are no longer in touch.

Lesson 3:

I’m reminded of the rejection a child feels no matter how old they are. I’m reminded of the “not good enough” feeling that can be triggered without notice. I’m reminded of why I wrote Myths of the Fatherless and the former “Voice of the Fatherless” blog. There was a time I felt that I was helping people by speaking of this. But today, people are turning their backs on this truth more than ever.

Myths of the Fatherless

Every little girl loves her daddy. But what happens when that daddy is missing? Or another man steps into his place? Society has accepted many myths about what that means to a child.

MYTHS OF THE FATHERLESS attempts to dispel those myths by sharing the author’s story of her search for her father and eventual reunion with him. Throughout her journey, she discovered she was not alone, and despite her denial, fathers are very important to a woman. And whatever the reason the father is missing, not knowing him affects a woman’s relationship with God, men, and herself.

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