In today’s chapter of Pep Talks for Writers by Grant Faulkner, I read about how walking is inspiring for writers. Julia Camera also speaks of this in the Artist’s Way.

I discovered the joys of solo walking when my family first moved to the Pacific Northwest from Southern California in my late teens. Walking was cathartic and inspired my imagination. I think by then the family scene was overwhelming to me and in an effort to think my private thoughts and to escape the mashed potatoes on the dinner table (lol), I would skip dinner and go for a walk.

Eventually, at different times my younger sister (10 years younger) would ask to come with me so I told her she could if she didn’t talk. This was my oh so important alone time. She agreed to those terms and perhaps she also enjoyed the quiet companionship along with her own private thoughts.

We leaned on each other at various times of our lives. But she grew up and had a little girl and now her little girl is all grown up and has her own little girl.

Auntie and Niece

Great Niece