Downton Abbey is a favorite show we continue to rewatch. What stood out for me last night was when Carson said to Lady Mary, “You’re letting yourself be defeated, my Lady. I’m sorry it’s a lapse to say so, but someone has to.” (The original post attributed this line to White Christmas – oops!)

I’d been doing exactly that – letting myself be defeated. With romance publishers publishing more and more stuff that looks nothing like what I write, I was about to give up on writing. It seems the hot stories in demand are the hot social topics of the moment – same/sex romances, erotica, incest, and better yet, if it’s part of a series. And, don’t forget the “tropes.” As Sir Anthony said in Downton Abbey, “Good Gawd!”

Actually, I had given up on writing. But the desire to write is still there. Songwriting can’t replace telling a full story through fiction. So instead of letting myself be defeated, trying to squeeze myself into the box of the moment, I’m doing what it is I always do – what I must do – write the stories I want to write and if they can’t find a home in today’s world, I’m empowered to publish as an Indie. It’s worked for me in the past so why can’t it work for me in the future?

I also highly recommend reading this book, Pep Talks for Writers by Grant Faulkner. I’m getting absolutely nothing by recommending it but pure joy for sharing something of value for me as a writer.

Happy Writing!