The Fool (#poem)

If a fool babbles like a baby, like a child gone wild, flaunting social conventions to speak the truth
Then I guess I’ve been in awe of a fool since the days of my youth
For the fool is the ultimate storyteller, risking it all to tell the tale only he can see
After all, it’s his POV

I never heard a song about a fool I didn’t like
One of those words we no longer hear, perhaps it’s unPC, when truth is considered unkind
Perhaps because today there is no right, there is no wrong
But that’s what made us survivors, that’s what made this country strong

Idiots will always be drawn to what’s being sold to the masses
These are not fools, there are clowns in sunglasses
The rest of us must idly stand by, holding our sides, shaking with laughter
The morons calling the fools names, as we are helpless to stop the latest disaster