Oh the arguments from social media nerds
“I met up with my childhood friend”
Or the cousin they “lost” track of
And then found again
These arguments can be defeated with one word

Marketers fool them into gathering
Book whisperers line their pockets
Seducing authors into begging like crooks
Read my book, help me sell my book, buy my damn book
Journalists call it working but are now just twittering

Remember when we used our senses
Touching, seeing, smelling, tasting
Hugging friends instead of liking
Newsprint, binding, flipping, caressing
Talking to strangers, flirting with sex
On a Friday night North Beach Safeway bench

Authors sold books, lovers still mattered
Friends could be found if you looked hard enough
Believe the lies at your own risk
Nothing is innocuous – consequences can be rough
I found my father with a search and a letter