Ghosts of Jamie (#poem)

Ghosts of Jamie flood the island from the past, present, and future
Growing up to be the master, delicate fingers unlace the sutures
He lost and found his love eternal
One foggy night through the eyes of her hotel room

She came to him quite by accident
Through the portals of time and an ancient chant
Their love was doomed from the start
Leading them through space and a broken heart

No rap pulsing outside a bedroom window
In their world of quiet green meadows
There’s something to be said for traveling back in history
The dangers that surround you there are never a mystery

No iron horse to awaken you in the night
No roaring engines racing past the streetlights
The power of the sword you hold in your hand
Going back in time is better if you’re a man

Grandmother said “It’s a man’s man’s world”
From an ancient land to a modern girl
But she could never resist those golden curls
Sparkling blue eyes and a Scottish brogue