I Go Crazy (#poem)

I go crazy stuck in this house
I go crazy quiet as a mouse
I want to dance and scream
I want to eat ice cream
I want to sing “You’re Such a Louse”

Nashville and its fixed state of mind
Thinking there’s only one kind
Of ways to write a hit song
My way doesn’t make it wrong
Sit back, relax and unwind

I go crazy when you’re away
I go crazy missing L.A.
I want to race a cherry red Camaro
I want to sleep underneath a Palmetto
I want to drink French Pouilly Fuisse

I go dancing all by myself
Nobody puts baby on a shelf
I’m too lazy to stay up all night
I need my Zzzzs to do it right
Up and down all around like Santa’s elf

The cats howl from three to four
That’s when I get up to close the door
Wide awake, I write a song
While sirens scream all night long
I dream of quiet nights at the shore

I go crazy…