Other People’s Secrets (a novel, a song, and a poem)

This was the title of one of my early manuscripts and a song so I thought it would be fun to write a poem with the same title.

Like a baby’s tiny hand clutching a favorite toy
They hold onto their secrets
Like a Cheshire Cat with a face so coy
They lure you with their sweetness
They slip a mask over what they hide
So beware the consequences
Like an outlaw poster “Wanted: Dead or Alive”
The ground you walk is dangerous

They gave you life
And then they took it away
He has another wife
Or so they say
The things they want you to believe
When it suits them better than what’s real
The good little girl only wants to achieve
But the devil on her shoulder whispers in her ear

So you search and you search
Until at last you found
The knowledge to satisfy your thirst
Was buried underground
With heart tilted, feet tripping so precarious
“He said, she said” each demands your allegiance
There’s nothing quite so dangerous
As other people’s secrets