When an online friend described me as writing “fun” books, I thought, “Yeah, that’s me. I’m the fun girl.” But during this process of soul searching about where I wanted to go in my writing career as I take steps to relaunch it, taking the James Patterson class, reading/watching all I can about Writing to Market, 5000 Words Per Hour, and Relaunch Your Back List (which I’ve been doing) books/videos by Chris Fox, I had to face the fact that “Fun is not a genre.”

Those books had their day, but I need to keep up with the market. What are readers into now or might be into in the future?

I’m still furiously downloading samples in different genres, looking for that book that will wow me enough to motivate me to write my own. I’d love to nail it, outline it, and get all ready for NanoWriMo next month. I haven’t done that in years and wasn’t prepared for it all back then. But now might by the time.

And it might take my mind off the house we’re building, instead of checking the progress two or three times a week. 🙂