Those in-between times of our lives are a real opportunity to do some soul-searching, regroup, and take off in an entirely new direction.

I’m in one of those times. That no matter how hard I try to get some traction, I just can’t. I’m in that in-between time. Researching. Planning. Experimenting.

Thinking I might use Scrivener for my next project, I searched for “Scrivener” and discovered Chris Fox and his amazingly, helpful, optimistic videos on writing and marketing and selling a ton of books. Serious numbers of books. He’s quite personable and comes from the same high tech background in the San Francisco Bay Area. It reminds me of attending a Silicon Valley meeting. Only it’s about writing and selling a ton of novels instead of deep sub micron, which is basically the moment I realized I’d had enough of Silicon Valley and moved on.

Anyway, watching his videos, I’ve been trying some things. Experimenting. Researching. Reading. Writing. Well, not a whole lot of writing. It seems I haven’t exactly figure out yet what direction I want to take with my next book. But that’s okay. No need to rush it. I’m enjoying this phase.

Last night we attended a Wine Talk in our new community and I met a Cruise Travel Agent and we got to talking about cruising. The funny thing is her business cards looked just like the ones I had a few years back. You know, the little beach girl. Anyway, we talked about that and then I mentioned I wrote novels set on cruise ships. She got excited about that – unfortunately, my business cards are still packed somewhere.

So, do I continue doing what I’ve been doing – writing my own kind of romance often set on beaches, cruise ships, or other fun spots? You know, Real Women Wear Red and the soon-to-be-released sequel, Real Women Go Hawaiian?

And then, of course, there’s suspense, which I experimented with in Deja Vu, although I’m experimenting with the Chris Fox magic and rereleasing it under a new title.

Or do I focus more on historical novels like Letters on Balboa Island, which has been moving up in the ranks on Amazon with this week’s Free Promo?

This is one of the things I hope to figure out during this time of reading, writing, and soul searching as a writer.