My latest Florida Writers post landed in my Inbox this morning and it was perfect timing. After taking the James Patterson Master Class, I’ve been leaning more toward writing my next novel instead of my next song. I love the writing lifestyle – it works perfectly for an introvert.

In the class, James stresses the importance of outlining. I’ve never been a fan of outlining because the story seems to sit in my fingers – not my head. I have to be pounding on the keyboard to even know what I’m writing about. But after the class, I realized my first draft is my outline, really. I get it down and then go through it and make notes of changes to the plot, etc. Then I revise the draft several times, maybe even many times, depending on the feedback I get from my editor. But I am thinking about doing a real outline as he suggests.

In the Florida Writers blog post this morning, I read about the importance of blogging for writers, especially if you want to keep your social media list small. Thank you! That’s exactly how I like to do it. In fact, my Facebook friends list is so small, it’s practically nonexistent except for keeping in touch with family and a handful of friends I feel I can trust in that environment. Some friends just aren’t Facebook friends.