Who Needs You and You Can’t Get a Good Girl Down

I’ve been a bit frustrated with my music lately. I mean, really, who does it sound like, what genre is it, and must I always be so outside the box? Not sure what direction to take, I’ve been working on my craft, learning new production techniques, drum programming, and even got a new electric guitar. But now what?

I’m not only frustrated with my music but frustrated with myself. The most social my life gets these days is Facebook and somehow I’m not sure they get just how cool I am  – lol! Where did my ladies go? Those who laughed with me and thought my attitude was awesome and my humor hilarious? Because we were so much alike – ha!

So then I noticed the following:

(1) Genre. I read about Elvis and how he didn’t fit in a genre either – in fact, he created a genre pretty much. Lesson learned: important to be who you are and not follow the crowd.

(2) Attitude. I’ve been thinking my latest song-in-progress has way too much attitude. I mean, most of my songs do. I post them on FB and nobody seems to like them. Okay, obviously, not my audience. Who is my audience and why did I renew my NSAI membership? Nashville will never like my music – I’m way too much for Nashville – so where do I go with it? Where do I go with me? Or do I just quit?

(3) Nashville. Then I heard these two songs, which totally inspired me and urged me to keep moving forward with my music. And, ironically, my ladies are in, well, Nashville – lol! I’m so stoked, I’m back in my studio working on getting my song-in-progress ready for NSAI feedback.