When my agent said I had a “poetic, almost lyrical rhythm” to my writing, I wondered what that meant. But when I heard my paternal grandmother wrote poetry and the rest of my dad’s family played instruments, I wondered if it meant I should pursue songwriting.

Then I remembered writing my first song with the girl who lived across the street when I was a kid in Southern California. The Beatles and Motown music was hot and so we wrote “He’s Mine, All Mine,” called ourselves the “Screamie Birds” when we were 11/12, and wrote to Ed Sullivan. Well, we never heard from Ed – lol – but I never forgot the song.

So when I met my father’s family and my uncle said, “Now that you know you’re a Holmes, you’re going to want to pay attention to music,” I enrolled in a songwriting class and later earned a Modern Musician Certificate with Berklee College of Music.

So in honor of that young budding songwriter, I decided to give that original song a bit of a remix: