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During this process, we remind ourselves that “if you change nothing, nothing changes.” What’s also true is that when you change something, everything changes. I awaken at night, my head spinning with potential changes. Sometimes I blog. Sometimes I write. Sometimes I write or play music on my iPhone (with ear phones) in bed – lol!

I don’t know what I’ll pursue when we’re back in Orlando. When we thought we might move back to Tampa, I thought I might enjoy the relaxing life of a Florida retiree, soaking up the sun, splashing in the ocean, and swimming in the community pool of our new home.

But now that it’s Orlando, everything seems to be changing. Instead of the suburban pool home, we’re  landing temporarily in a resort apartment (called “the Resort” from this point on) in an urban setting with all kinds of possibilities. (I called the Sunnyvale adventure “Hotel California” – lol!)

I’m thinking I might do some contracting – there are far more opportunities there than here. I might join the local RWA chapter and immerse myself in writing. Or I might become a “crazy musician,” throwing myself completely at music, joining a local choir and/or the local songwriting chapter, working on my craft, tuning my vocals, practicing the keys, and becoming more skilled at producing my own music.

One of the contestants on The Voice last week sang “A Song for You,” written and originally recorded by Leon Russell, although over 200 artists have recorded it. That got me to thinking about Leon Russell and what a true talent of the music world he was, although too often overlooked as Elton John says.

I was inspired to get the sheet music for my practice sessions. The other song I’m working on is “Tight Rope,” Leon Russell’s classic and most famous song. I can only fantasize about becoming a crazy musician like Leon Russell.

After an uncle, a guitarist, encouraged me to pay attention to my musical side inherited from the family I never knew, songs began looping in my head. It’s crazy making. Rich calls it my “jukebox.” I asked another uncle, a professional bass player and sound engineer, what I can do about that and he basically said, “Nothing.” Ha!

That’s probably why musicians are often called “crazy musicians.” Lol!

There are many Disney bloggers and vloggers, but I’m thinking that my Disney focus might be Disney music and other Orlando entertainment. I won’t really know until we’re there and see how things unfold. But I have a feeling that this move to Florida, Orlando in particular, will be unlike any other.