We were eating Shrimp Fajitas and sipping Cucumber Margaritas at Chevy’s this weekend, and I was listening to the music playing. I started noticing a pattern and thought, “Okay, I see now what my NSAI mentors were trying to get me to do.”

I thought about reworking the latest song they were excited about. I know what they want me to do – I just don’t know how to do it. Do I hold onto it until I know how to make it more like what they want? Or do I push forward, getting *my* music out there.

After reading today’s email post from songwritingpro.com, I’m certainly giving it pause as I ask myself if I really should change the song. Because changing it would make it more like the radio – what they want – but it’ll change my song’s meaning. It will no longer be a “real” experience, but the “expected” experience of every other song out there. As they said in the email, Nashville already has people with connections who know how to write those songs.

What Nashville needs is more original songs. The question is, will Nashville ever realize it?

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